Collection: King Salmon

King Salmon, boasts a rich, creamy texture and unique flavor that oscillates between flaky and succulent with a nutty touch. American chef Bobby Flay’s "Slow Roasted Salmon with Mustard Vinagrete”, makes the most of its rich, oily flesh with a lush and buttery texture maximizing this fish fatty content. It pairs beautifully with garlic, dill, mustard, and creamy sauces and citrus notes.

King Salmon is a treat when served raw, while grilling accentuates its richness, creating a beautiful crust with a tender, moist interior. Its high oil content also makes it excellent for smoking, imparting a delightful woody aroma that complements its natural flavors wonderfully. Its dense texture makes it ideal for baking and poaching as well. It is particularly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and a significant source of high-quality protein, vitamins B12 and D, and minerals like selenium.