PESKADOS prides itself on making a big difference for home cooks and their families: allowing them access to the freshest, highest quality, naturally kosher fish varieties typically available only to chefs, delivered to your door.

We source the largest variety of whole, fresh, naturally kosher fish varieties from reputable fisheries. Our products are wholesome, clean, and expertly cut from whole fish the same day they are shipped, ensuring that you receive the freshest fish possible, just as the most demanding chefs do. You can cook it right away to taste the difference of truly fresh fish, or freeze it upon delivery. Our promise: we process only naturally kosher fish, and that the shortest possible time to bring it from the ocean to your kitchen.

About Us

Peskados' founders have over 30 years of combined experience in the fish business, which includes sourcing and delivering the best fish to top chefs in the US. Good hygiene is paramount to us, upholding to a rigorous safety regime.

Honoring our Latinamerican and Jewish heritage, we put emphasis on naturally kosher species and speciality cuts, enabling cuisine fusions including Jewish, Asian, Tropical, and Latin cuisines.

Peskados offers a unique fresh fish experience that customers have come to love. As a reliable provider of fresh fish with exceptional customer service and specialty cut reserved to chefs, we want to bring that experience to your table.

Our Mision

At Peskados, our mission is to provide top-quality fresh fish and personalized service to our customers in the United States, while contributing to the environment by sourcing only from like-minded fisheries. Our fresh selections of clean fin fish are sure to please everyone.