Kosher Certification

We are Kosher Certified

Our fish is Kosher certified. We are proud to be Kosher certified by ORB (Orthodox Rabbinical Board of Broward and Palm Beach Counties). For information about the certifying organization, please go to:


What does it mean to be Kosher certified?

The Kosher certification involves a thorough inspection and constant monitoring of ingredients, processes, and premises used in the production of food products, to ensure compliance with strict sanitary and animal welfare guidelines set by Kosher law. The Kosher seal that our fish bears gives our customers confidence in that they are getting Kosher certified fish. 

Many people choose to eat kosher certified products because of religious conviction, but many others do so because it provides assurance that the food items they are buying meet very high sanitary and quality standards under the supervision of inspectors who do their job because of deep religious faith in Kosher law.