SALMON VERLASSO / Portion / Skin Off / Pbo

Peskados LLCSKU: SA-0261

Size: 4 Oz



"A chef’s choice, Verlasso smells fresh and delicious, not “fishy.” The taste is mild, not gamey, and the texture is firm and creamy. Verlasso’s quality and flavor make it perfect for all sorts of preparation including steaming, sautéing, smoking, grilling, baking or poaching, and certified sushi grade.

Verlasso salmon provides delicious servings of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) along with B &D vitamins that are important to the body’s immune response as well as potassium and selenium minerals plus astaxanthin that may help to fight heart disease and auto-immune suffering.
Verlasso Salmon is Fresh, Antibiotic, and Hormone Free. The portions are fresh individual vacuum pack (IVP).
Fish In: Fish Out
By including an algae rich in Omega-3’s in our salmon’s diet, along with an inclusion of fish trimmings sourced from non-salmon fish processing, Verlasso now has a “fish in, fish out” ratio of lower than 1:1.Our Salmon’s diet is an environmentally sustainable proprietary blend containing no whole wild caught feeder fish. The Verlasso diet consists of non-salmon fish trimmings sourced from fish caught from certified sustainable fisheries, natural algae, vitamins and oils rich in Omega-3 to ensure the consistent flavor and color for which Verlasso is renowned.
Hormone & Antibiotic free
We never use hormones to grow our fish and always harvest at a smaller size to ensure the health of the population. No preventative antibiotics are ever used and our salmon has no antibiotics at harvest.Our nets and enclosures contain no copper anti-foulants and we never use organophosphates on our farms, ensuring the least amount of disruption to the environment.


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Sushi Lover
Better than Grocery

This salmon was more fresh and flavorful than any salmon I've bought at a local market. Was excellent as sushi and sashimi. If you're looking to try sushi at home, buy this with confidence! Peskados customer service is top notch!

Karen Sharon
Freshest salmon

I am beyond impressed with the soft and mouthwatering taste of this salmon. I will continue to order, thank you!

camelia yohoros
the best salmon i have ever tried

This salmon came in fresh and ready to be cooked in beautiful and neat packaging. Once cooked, my family and I were beyond impressed with the rich flavor of the salmon and the incredible texture. I fully recommend you buy from Peskados, truly the best!